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Nestled in the light industrial Suburb of Bayswater, Leuze provides technically innovated products for the Automation industry at large and specializes in products mainly used for the detection objects or their definitive position and their qualitative or qualative characteristics.

Safety at Leuze - Leuze also proudly provides a range of Safety products and Machine Safety Serivces for the use of protection of people and assets in the manufacturing sectors.

Who We Are

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With curiosity and determination, we – the Sensor People from Leuze – have been innovators for technological milestones in industrial automation for more than 50 years. The success of our customers is what drives us.

Leuze Share Experience

Product innovations

Position/Limit Switches

DRT25C.R unit pack sensor

Reliable detection of film-wrapped packages of all types, regardless of whether six-packs, eight-packs or multipacks or whether transparent or printed film with the DRT25C.R dynamic reference diffuse sensor.

Human-machine interface

IO-Link master and hubs: MD7 system

Ethernet-based I/O modules with IO-link technology combine the data, and connect the individual machine modules to the control and superior systems.

Safety Devices

BCL 200i bar code reader

New stationary bar code reader for guided container and tray identification. Specially for tight installation situations on the conveyor line.

Emphasizing Solutions, Service, and Success

Our wide product range includes Bar code scanners, smart camera, barcode positioning system, laser measurement sensors, light curtains & grids, laser scanners, safety PLC and safety relay switches, and industrial sensors. We supply solutions to a vast range of industries with our primary customer base in the packaging, intralogistics, metalworking, automotive, plastics, food and pharmaceutical industries has provided a stable base from which our technological innovation has branched into a broad array of applications. Our sensors are used to control, measurement, regulate, automate, position, monitor & protect many manufacturing and production processes. By producing such quality products and offering quick, reliable turnaround, we regularly meet customer demand and generate steady growth. Our three-part mission statement emphasizes sensor solutions, superior service, and a commitment to our customers' success. Since we supply some 15,000 different products, customers often turn to our technical support team for assistance in selecting the appropriate product. As one of our many customer service policies, we can provide test samples for customers to evaluate the requirements to their products on production equipment to ensure successful operation.The quality of Leuze's products is unparalleled. Our manufacturing facilities meet the ISO 9001 international quality standard. The broadest of three ISO 9000 standards, it covers everything from design engineering and quality control to manufacturing, training, and service. It is our company's service that sets us apart from our competitors. Anybody can sell sensors, and it’s the technical expertise and service that make the difference. Quality supply is just as important as the right price. To meet customers' needs quickly, we fill most orders the same day and, should a customer have a question, assistance is always available. You won't get voice mail if you call us at Leuze Australia P/L, a live person will answer your call and your questions.

An Employee-Friendly Environment

Leuze employees

Our concept of service applies not only to our customers, but to our employees as well. Our local employees enjoy a sense of ownership in the company that comes from empowerment. Employees are challenged to solve problems for themselves and are given the tools to execute their decisions. In addition, the company trains its employees both locally and at our stakeholders manufacturing facilities, thus enhancing the “family company” experience. Leuze Australia P/L provides a number of small extras as well. Whether it's free coffee and birthday cakes in the lunchroom to the modern purpose built office facility. Leuze Australia is committed to making our Bayswater facility a pleasant and comfortable work environment. These types of initiatives have enabled us to enjoy low employee turnover at a time when many of our competitors are losing their best personnel.

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